Centre Strategy Board

Strategic and scientific direction is the responsibility of, and ensured by a Centre Strategy Board (CSB), with an independent, non-executive chair, and membership including senior representatives from key policy and practice partners in public health (e.g. Public Health England, local government, voluntary and community sectors), and four independent scientific advisors from the UK and overseas. The board is attended by the director, deputy directors, associate directors at the five north east universities, and leaders of Fuse’s six research programmes. Our funders’ liaison officer from MRC is also invited as an observer:

Membership of the Centre Strategy Board

  • Professor Peter Kelly (Chair) (Local Government public health representative)
    Centre Director
    Public Health England North East

  • Dr Eugene Milne (Deputy Chair)(Local Government public health representative)
    Director of Public Health
    Newcastle City Council

  • Professor Roland Bal (International Scientific Advisor)
    Professor of Health Governance
    Institute of Health Policy and Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  • Professor John Ekenrode (International Scientific Advisor)
    Director Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research
    Cornell University

  • Professor Mark Petticrew (Scientific Advisor)Professor of Public Health Evaluation
    London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Professor Jennie Popay (Scientific Advisor)
    Professor of Sociology and Public Health
    Lancaster University

  • Mrs Jane Hartley (voluntary sector representative)
    Chief Executive
    Voluntary Organisations' Network North East (VONNE)

  • Councillor Nick Forbes (Local Government representative)
    Leader of Newcastle City Council

  • Mrs Gillian Leng
    Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Health and Social Care
    National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

  • Mr John Mawson (Institute for Local Governance)
    Director, Institute for Local Governance
    Durham University

  • Mrs Claire Sullivan (PHE representative)
    Public Health Consultant in Health Improvement
    Public Health England

  • Professor Ashley Adamson, (Newcastle) director
    Professor of Public Health Nutrition
    Newcastle University

  • Professor Eileen Kaner (Newcastle), associate director 
    Professor Public Health & Primary Care
    Newcastle University
  • Professor Clare Bambra (Newcastle), programme leader (health inequalities)
    Professor of Public Health 
    Newcastle University
  • Professor Susan Carr, (Northumbria) associate director  
    Professor of Public Health Research 
    Northumbria University

  • Professor David Hunter, (Durham), programme leader (complex systems) 
    Professor of Health Policy and Management 
    Durham University
  • Professor Carolyn Summerbell (Durham), deputy director 
    Professor of Human Nutrition 
    Durham University
  • Dr Suzanne Moffatt (Newcastle) programme leader (healthy ageing)
    Senior Lecturer in Sociology of Health
    Newcastle University

  • Professor Falko Sniehotta (Newcastle), programme leader (behaviour change)
    Professor Behaviour Medicine & Health Psychology
    Newcastle University

  • Dr Amelia Lake, (Teesside), associate director
    Reader in Public Health Nutrition
    Teesside University

  • Professor Jonathan Ling, (Sunderland) associate director 
    Professor of Public Health
    Sunderland University

  • Gavin Malloch MRC Case Officer (observer) 
    Programme Manager 
    Medical Research Council
  • Mrs Laura Ritson (Newcastle), Centre Manager 
    Institute of Health & Society
    Newcastle University