Research Strategy Group

Scientific strategy is led by the Director, who chairs the Research Strategy Group, bringing together the Fuse senior Investigators including programme leaders their deputies the postgraduate tutor and the School of Public Health Research Senior Investigators. Programme leaders will provide intellectual leadership as well as ensuring that each programme delivers on agreed objectives. The Research Strategy Group reports to the Centre Management Group (CMG). Strategic and scientific direction is overseen by the Centre Strategy Board.

Membership of the Research Strategy Group

  • Professor Ashley Adamson
    Director (Newcastle), programme leader (Early Life and Adolescence)
    Professor of Public Health Nutrition, Newcastle University

  • Professor Clare Bambra
    Programme leader (Health Inequalities)
    Professor of Public Health, Newcastle University

  • Dr Amelia Lake
    Associate director (Teesside)
    Reader in Public Health Nutrition, Teesside University

  • Professor Alan Batterham
    Fuse Senior Investigator
    Professor in Exercise Science, Teesside University

  • Dr Health Brown
    Deputy programme leader (Health Inequalities)
    Lecturer in Health Economics, Newcastle University

  • Professor Susan Carr
    Associate director (Northumbria)
    Professor of Public Health Research, Northumbria University

  • Professor David Hunter
    Deputy director (Durham), programme leader (Complex Systems)
    Professor of Health Policy and Management,  Durham University

  • Professor Eileen Kaner
    Fuse Senior Investigator
    Professor of Public Health Research, Newcastle University

  • Dr Monique Lhussier
    Fuse postgraduate tutor
    Fuse Reader Public health research, Northumbria University

  • Professor Jonathan Ling
    Deputy programme leader (Healthy Ageing)
    Fuse Professor of Public Health Research, Sunderland University

  • Miss Cheryl Wiscombe
    Fuse Administrator
    Institute of Health & Society, Newcastle University

  • Dr Suzanne Moffatt
    Programme leader (Healthy Ageing)
    Senior Lecturer in Sociology of Health, Newcastle University
  • Professor Falko Sniehotta
    Programme leader (Behaviour Change)
    Fuse Reader in Health Psychology, Newcastle University

  • Professor Carolyn Summerbell
    Deputy programme leader (Behaviour Change)
    Professor of Human Nutrition School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health, Durham University

  • Professor Luke Vale
    Deputy programme leader (Complex Systems)
    Health Foundation Chair in Health Economics, Newcastle University

  • Mrs Laura Ritson
    Fuse Manager
    Institute of Health & Society, Newcastle University