Alcohol and tobacco


  • AESOPS The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of opportunistic screening and stepped care interventions for older hazardous alcohol users in primary care

  • Alcohol & sexual decision-making Exploration into the relationship between alcohol and sexual decision-making in adults

  • Alcohol SBI An investigation of the use of routinely collected information to monitor and evaluate the delivery of screening and brief interventions (SBI) for alcohol in primary health care practice

  • Alcohol, women and stress A sociological exploration of the use of alcohol by women as stress coping strategy – towards the development of an appropriate self care intervention for stress management

  • AUDs & skin disease Examining the prevalence of alcohol use disorders (AUDs) in patients with skin disease

  • Changing commissioning What are the effects of changing commissioning policy on the development and delivery of front line services?

  • GP attitude survey A survey of general practitioners' knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding the prevention and management of alcohol-related problems: an update of a World Health Organisation survey ten years on

  • Older people & alcohol use Exploration of the views and patterns of alcohol use amongst older people (55 years and over ) living in Sheltered housing accommodation in Newcastle upon Tyne

  • RADiANT RADiANT: Reducing Alcohol Drinking in ANTenatal women

  • SIPS Alcohol screening and brief intervention pilots

  • SIPS JR-High SIPS JR-High

  • Teenage alcohol use Alcohol use amongst young people: Exploring product choice and critical price thresholds in young drinkers

  • Use in later life Alcohol risk and harm in later life: A needs assessment in South of Tyne and Wear