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Case study 4: Series of research meetings on the social determinants of health

A Public Health Portfolio Lead at Durham County Council was keen to develop a learning intervention with Fuse on the social determinants of health. This would reflect on past public health interventions, assess the existing evidence base and explore potential approaches for the design and implementation of future interventions.

Following a number of conversations with the Public Health Lead, and the Institute for Local Governance (ILG), an outline learning programmes has been drafted to take place in 2015. The learning programme will consist of seminars, workshops and, dependant on need, follow up in terms of action learning sets, mentoring, shadowing or other mechanisms

The seminars are aimed at senior decision makers in Local Authorities across north-east England to make them more aware of the social determinants of health through existing research with Fuse and best practice in public health programmes nationally and across the region. The ultimate aim is to facilitate more collaborative working across different departments and with academia.

The seminars build on the recommendations from the recent Health Summit organised by the Association of North East Councils (ANEC).

Contact details:

Tim Wright, Public Health Portfolio Lead

Durham County Council

Tel: 03000 267673