Presentation formats

Oral presentations

Oral presentations will be arranged in 20 minute slots, so speakers are encouraged to speak for 12-15 minutes leaving time for a few questions at the end of their presentation. 

It is important that speakers try to keep to these timings so that delegates may switch streams if they so wish, and that the overall programme keeps to time. The presentation sessions will be facilitated by a Chairperson and there will be facilities for PowerPoint in all the conference rooms. 

We will be asking for you to send your PowerPoint presentations 2 weeks before the conference so that they can be up-loaded in advance. 


The conference poster stands will hold portrait posters up to a maximum size of 120cm x 85cm.  If you have a larger poster (or it is in Landscape format) please indicate this on your abstract submission. 

Posters will need to be attached to the poster boards by Velcro strips which will be provided.  You will be expected to stand by your poster during refreshment breaks and during the dedicated poster viewing sessions to answer questions. 


Whilst there may be an initial presentation or two, the emphasis should be on interaction, roundtable discussion and perhaps practical exercises.  Abstract submissions will be judged on both content and according to the degree of interaction they give delegates. Workshops will be 100 minutes long. 


Where there are 3 or 4 presentations on a linked theme, you may wish to offer a symposium.  The symposia will typically begin with an overview of the theme and then oral presentations that address the topic from multiple perspectives.  In addition, discussants may offer additional comment, and prompt debate.  Abstracts will be judged on the overall coherence of the theme and how the presentations address different aspects of it. Symposia will be 100 minutes long.

Soapbox sessions

Senior practice and policy colleagues will talk about an issue that is important to them.  The sessions will be informal and not constrained by the traditional requirements of academic presentations.  We encourage challenging views to prompt debate about the mix between policy, practice and research evidence to improve the health and wellbeing of people in our societies to explore what can (and cannot) be achieved. Soapbox's will be 30 minutes long.