Eighth Fuse PA Workshop



Prof Tess Kay PDF 880Kb

1. Next steps for physical activity guidance: an evidence base that addresses inequalities?

Prof Tess Kay, Professor of Sport and Social Sciences, Brunel University London

Dr Mark Tully PDF 2,569Kb

2. Designing physical activity interventions in low socio-economically disadvantaged communities: how to eat an Elephant?

Dr Mark Tully, Senior Lecturer, Queen’s University Belfast

Kevin Gamblin PDF 775Kb

3. Would a person-centred, evidence-based individualised physical training programme implemented by an Exercise Professional be advantageous as an adjunct treatment for substance misuse relapse prevention?

Kevin Gamblin, Healthcare Assistant, Adult Acute Psychiatric Care, Tees, Esk & Wear Valley NHS Trust

Dr Kathryn Curran PDF 3,470Kb

4. The role of sport in reducing social exclusion - two examples from the front line.

Dr Kathryn Curran, Senior Lecturer, Leeds Beckett University

Dr Tom McBain

5. High-intensity exergaming in regions of socioeconomic deprivation.

Dr Tom McBain, Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University

Presentation unavailable

Dr Istvan Soos PDF 823Kb

6. A window of hope: Education, identity and physical activity behaviours of Roma youth.

Dr Istvan Soos, Reader, University of Sunderland



Ben Rigby and Steph Morris PDF 4,848Kb

Workshop A

Thinking about social disadvantage and physical activity interventions - exploring priorities and sharing stories.

Ben Rigby, ESRC funded PhD candidate, Durham University, School of Applied Social Sciences and Steph Morris, ESRC funded PhD candidate and Research Assistant, Durham University, Anthropology Department

Mal Fitzgerald and Imran Naeem PDF 4,129Kb

Workshop B

Everyday People in Everyday Places: Moving Communities.

Mal Fitzgerald, Active Community Manager, Everyone Active and Imran Naeem, Public Health Officer, Middlesbrough Council