Seventh Fuse PA Workshop


1. Prof Charlie Foster

Do we need evidence based physical activity guidelines and infographics for pregnancy?

Prof Charlie Foster, Professor of Physical Activity and Population Health, University of Oxford ‌

2. Dr Sally Barber

Early years physical activity: from epidemiology to intervention

Dr Sally Barber, Principal Research Fellow, Bradford Institute for Health Research‌

3. Dr Kathryn Hesketh

Promoting Physical Activity in Preschoolers: The Importance of Parents

Dr Kathryn Hesketh, Sir Henry Welcome Postdoctoral Fellow, MRC Epidemiology Unit and Centre for Diet and Activity Research, University of Cambridge‌

4. Dr Louise Hayes

Self reported physical activity during pregnancy and the post-natal period in obese women

Dr Louise Hayes, Research Methodologist, Institute of Health & Society, Newcastle University

5. Janelle Wagnild

The mobility and maternity (MaM) study: testing the relationship between sedentary behaviour during pregnancy and gestational diabetes risk

Janelle Wagnild, PhD candidate, Department of Anthropology, Durham University

6. Catherine McParlin

What helps or hinders midwives to implement physical activity guidelines for obese pregnant women?

Catherine McParlin, Associate Researcher, Institute of Cellular Medicine, Newcastle University

7. Jody Nichols

'Too Busy to be Skinny': An Explorative Study of Preschool Mothers' Beliefs of Factors Influencing Obesity

Jody Nichols, PhD candidate, Sunderland University

8. Dr Liane Azevedo

Results from systematic reviews on preschool physical activity and sedendary behaviour interventions and future directions

Dr Liane Azevedo, Teesside University and Dr Laura Basterfield, Newcastle University

9. Dr Paul Collings

Objectively-measured activity profiles and associations with adiposity in young children

Dr Paul Collings, Research Fellow, Bradford Institute for Health Research

10. Dr Lindsey Reece

YoHOAKE: Developing a Physical Activity Knowledge Exchange in Yorkshire and Humber

Dr Lindsey Reece, Senior Science Officer, Sheffield Hallam University

Workshop A

11. Prof Charlie Foster

Exploring what is known about physical activity and pregnancy

Prof Charlie Foster, Professor of Physical Activity and Population Health, University of Oxford

Workshop B

12. Kay Branch

Maternal Obesity - Learning from the front line

Kay Branch, Consultant Midwife, South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Workshop C

13. Mary Dawson

Physical activity interventions in Early Years: examples of sustainable interventions

The HENRY (Health, Exercise, Nutrition for the Really Young) approach to a healthy early years

Mary Dawson, Regional Manager (North)

Workshop C

14. Leanne Oxley

Funky Feet - an introduction to early years physical activity

Leanne Oxley, Funky Feet Manager