‌‌‌‌‌‌The title of this year’s conference is ‘Progress and Pathways’.  Its key aims are to celebrate and reflect on the significant progress made by the UKCRC Public Health Centres of Excellence, and consider future opportunities and directions.  The conference will begin by reflecting on the current state of evidence based policy and practice, before moving to a consideration of the research landscape that informed the rationale for the UKCRC initiative.

The conference will then focus on the UKCRC initiatives achievements and progress in three interlinked themes:

  • Building capacity and career development;
  • Creating partnerships and promoting system level change; and
  • The impact of our innovation and research on, policy, practice and populations. 

Each theme will be explored through separate plenary presentations from across the UKCRC Centres. The sessions will be chaired by key stakeholders from policy and practice, who will draw out common lessons learnt and potential pathways for the future. A discussion session will draw together the policy and practice chairs to examine “The UKCRC initiative: What have we learnt and what still needs to be done”. The conference will end with a Director led plenary examining key lessons learnt and reflections on success and a presentation on sustainability and future pathways.

Due to the nature of this event, there will not be an abstract call, rather it is being left to each Centre to decide what materials they would like to display to showcase and promote their area.

UKCRC Conference brochure and programme 2017