Knowledge to action


Focus: Getting research evidence into practice is difficult. The reasons are complex. A key task for Fuse and its partners is helping to facilitate a culture that is receptive and responsive to the acquisition and application of knowledge and evidence.

Fuse is committed to ensuring that the knowledge produced through its research programme is both relevant and useful to those who might wish to use it. To achieve this means producing the knowledge in a variety of ways that are both appropriate and fit particular circumstances. It also requires research on how that knowledge is used and implemented or why it may not be.

Approach: Several terms are used to describe various aspects of knowledge to action. They overlap to a degree but also have slightly different meanings and purposes. It is helpful to separate them out. Our research programme under this theme fits into all or some of them. Collectively, these ways of describing knowledge to action are all designed to strengthen the dialogue between research and policy and practice communities and to maximise the impact of research on policy and practice.

Key terms:

  • Knowledge transfer: sharing research findings and making them known more widely

  • Knowledge translation: interpreting research findings and putting them in language that is more easily understood by policy-makers, practitioners and the public

  • Knowledge exchange: creating a conversation about research findings between different stakeholders

  • Knowledge mobilisation: getting different forms of knowledge (research and practical expertise) used to best effect

  • Co-production of knowledge: different stakeholders working alongside each other on research projects

  • Co-creation of knowledge: different stakeholders working collectively throughout a research project to create something new that one group could not have achieved alone.

The knowledge to action theme embraces four complementary strands, all of which contribute in some measure to the use of knowledge in policy and practice:

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