Fuse is the UKCRC Centre for Excellence in Translational Research in Public Health. Funded by the UKCRC since our establishment in 2008, we are a virtual network of the five North East Universities. Our mission is to transform health and well-being and reduce health inequalities across the life course through the conduct of world class public health research and its translation into value-for-money policy and practice.

LiLaC is the Liverpool and Lancaster Universities Collaboration for Public Health Research (LiLaC), it specialises in applied public health research to tackle the social determinants of inequalities in health. Co-directed by Professors Jennie Popay and Margaret Whitehead, LiLaC draws on a multi-disciplinary team of over 30 researchers from the two universities carrying out evaluative research in health and inequalities. 

ScHARR (The School of Health & Related Research) at the University of Sheffield is a centre of excellence in applied health services and public health research with over 300 multidisciplinary staff. Its strengths lie in health inequalities, evidence synthesis, health economics and decision-science. ScHARR leads the NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) for Yorkshire & Humber.

Professor Eileen Kaner is a Professor of Public Health and Primary Care Research, a Fuse senior investigator and a behavioural scientist with expertise in multiple risk behaviour including substance use and mental health problems across the life-course.

Professor Clare Bambra is an Associate Director of Fuse and the health inequalities theme lead. Her research examines interventions to reduce health inequalities with a particular focus on the domains of worklessness and welfare. She was a panel member of the Due North Inquiry.

Professor Ashley Adamson is the Director of Fuse and Director of NIHR School for Public Health Research (SPHR). She is a public health nutritionist and leads the Institute of Health and Society Public Health Improvement theme and is Deputy Director of Human Nutrition Research Centre at Newcastle University.

Dr Suzanne Moffatt is a social scientist with expertise in social gerontology and investigating the health impact of austerity and welfare changes; she leads the Fuse Healthy Ageing Research Programme and ‘Inequality, health and wellbeing’ theme of Newcastle University’s Institute for Social Renewal. 

Dr Ben Barr is a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Liverpool investigating the health inequalities impact of social and welfare policies. He was a panel member of the Due North Inquiry. 

Dr Paula Holland is a Lecturer in Public Health at Lancaster University. Her research focuses on social inequalities in health, and the impact of chronic illness and disability on employment and quality of life.

Professor Sarah Salway is Professor of Public Health. Her research addresses the wider determinants of health inequalities as well as inequitable access to healthcare services, and takes a particular focus on gender and ethnicity and their intersection with socioeconomic disadvantage.

Dr Michelle Addison (Newcastle University) is a researcher working in the area of health inequalities.