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Fuse Seminar - Between Science and Policy

  • Venue: MED.L2.5, Medical School, Framlington Place, Newcastle University, NE2 4HH
  • Start: Thu, 19 Jul 2018 13:00:00 BST
  • End: Thu, 19 Jul 2018 14:00:00 BST


Between Science and Policy: Interpreting and Practicing Knowledge Exchange in the UK Academia


This presentation will discuss preliminary results of my PhD research exploring two knowledge exchange-oriented organisations located at the UK universities.  Building on theories from STS and policy studies and using insights from organisation studies, the project explores ways in which cultural and institutional changes initiated by the new funding paradigms (e.g. moves towards knowledge translation and impact) have led to a reconfiguration of the relationship between science and policy. The findings provide insights into the ways institutional change has occurred in academia, by employing the concept of institutional logics (Thornton, Lounsbury, & Ocasio, 2012). The multiplicity of factors leading to the introduction of changing research funding paradigms has resulted in the development of a new institutional logic guiding contemporary academic practices and understandings – the logic of impact. This new logic has emerged to co-exist and compete with the existing and historically developed logic of excellence. The logic of excellence, based on traditional values of science, views science as intellectually driven and underpinned by the freedom of inquiry of academics. By contrast, the new logic is problem-driven and assumes high levels of engagement with research users for the purpose of solving problems. To understand this new institutional context of hybridity between two logics on a micro level, as well as its impact on knowledge exchange between science and policy and practice, the presentation will explore three areas: 1.) academic knowledge practices, 2.) framings of science and knowledge exchange and 3.) perceived boundaries between science and policy and practice. The overall argument put forward in this presentation is one of the symbiotic relationship between politics and evidence as two contradictory but co-dependent modes of governing.



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