Fuse is one of eight academic centres of public health excellence in England making up the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) School for Public Health Research (SPHR).

The School aims to build the evidence base for effective public health practice.  Its research looks at what works practically to improve population health and to reduce health inequalities, how this evidence can be applied across the country and better meets the needs of policymakers, practitioners and the public.

Please select one of the options below to see examples of our research.  A breakdown of the SPHR projects involving Fuse is availabe in the About the NIHR SPHR section.

Money - shifting the gravity case study‌‌‌ 
Impact on policy & practice

Fuse is changing local policies and practices by helping commissioners prioritise their spending

Researcher in residence‌‌Local collaboration

Fuse is collaborating closely with Local Authorities through embedded research

Two pregnant women original‌‌‌



Involvement & engagement

Fuse is engaging with the public and health practitioners to shape research through service user reference panels

Takeaway - foodscape case study ‌‌‌



Cross-centre collaboration

Fuse is collaborating with other UK research centres to influence national policy and practice on the food environment and alcohol use

Women talking - wider determinants case study‌‌‌



 Wider determinants

Fuse is co-producing evidence with non-health services about their impact on public health

careers - building capacity case study‌‌‌Capacity building

Fuse is building local research capacity