We put a new intervention in place – did it work?

Case study 5: Improving quality of life in sheltered accommodation

South Tyneside Homes is undertaking a programme of refurbishment and development of their Housing Plus accommodation for older people, including residents with the early stages of dementia.  The Arm’s-Length Management organisation (ALMO) was keen to evaluate the health and wellbeing impacts of the programme for their tenants to inform future development of older people’s housing within the region.

During a meeting with South Tyneside Homes a brief was agreed and later distributed among Fuse researchers. A team of Fuse researchers at the University of Sunderland expressed an interest in the work and developed a proposal. They proposed a mixed methods realistic evaluation that collected data from key stakeholders through participatory appraisal sessions, focus groups, in-depth qualitative interviews and questionnaire-based surveys with residents, families and friends and staff.

The proposal was positively received and fine-tuned in a follow-up meeting between South Tyneside Homes, Fuse staff and Results Communications, who are also involved in the research project. The evaluation started in April 2014 with a final report scheduled for January 2015.

Contact details:

Ann-Marie Gibson, Assistant Development Manager

South Tyneside Homes

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Email: ann-marie.gibson@southtynesidehomes.org.uk